How It Works

Let's break it down.

Any Fashion Product, Delivered in 60 Minutes.

1. Find Carryr in Facebook Messenger, click here or scan our messenger code and tap "Get Started" !

2. When prompted, copy and paste a product link from a retailer's website and then tell us some additional info (e.g. size, colour and/or quantity needed)

3. Add additional products when when prompted by repeating the second step.

4. Confirm your phone number by tapping the suggested number or manually type one in.

5. Share a delivery location (we may contact you on arrival for confirmation of the address).

6. We'll take payment for the products and the delivery fee of £2.99 upon delivery (card only), or if it's your first order then delivery is absolutely free.

This service is only currently available in Cambridge for all major and independent fashion retailers.

Be sure to spread the word by telling your friends too!


Carryr Swifty Bot Code

Fluid. (Coming Soon)

When we parter up with a retailer we install this messaging tool on their website. This means you can communicate with us and get your online order delivered in an hour for only £2.99.

Fluid - Carryr

The Real Cost of Online Shopping

By Carryr
Click & Collect
Let Down
1 Hour
2-3 Days
1-3 Days
> £4.50*
*Average cost of driving/public transport for a three mile round-trip

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