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Delivery Price Estimate.

Enter an order value below for an estimated delivery price.


What's the 5% variable fee based on?

We charge 5% of the order value, or £2 (whichever is greater), this is to ensure that everything is insured and helps keep our service magical at all times!

What happens if one of my customers miss their delivery?

Your customers will be able to track the delivery, however, we will remain in contact will them until delivered.

What if an item goes missing or is damaged?

Our thoughtful fleet partners maintain insurances to cover an order of up to £1,000 — the insurance claim will be between your customers and our fleet partners.

How does payment work?

Your account will have an available balance that you'll need to top up when it's running low. Fees will be deducted upon completion of the delivery or return.

How do returns work?

On delivery completion, your customers will get a link to request to return any unwanted items — returns will go straight back to your store.

What do I need for an account?

All you need is a physical store within our service area and a website you sell from — we currently only support Shopify, more integrations to come later.

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