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Delivery Price Estimate.

Enter an order value below for an estimated delivery price.


What's the 5% variable fee based on?

We charge 5% of the order value, or £2 (whichever is greater), this is to ensure that everything is insured and helps keep our service magical at all times!

Are there any charges or fees for cancellations?

No. A delivery or return request can only be cancelled if a fleet partner hasn't yet been allocated.

What do I need for an account?

All you need is a physical store within our service area and a website you sell from — we currently only support Shopify, more integrations to come later.

What items can be delivered or returned?

We only work with fashion-related products so, clothing, apparel, accessories and shoes.

Does your pricing include taxes?

Our pricing is exclusive of any taxes. We will add taxes specific to your jurisdiction when deducting a delivery or return fee from your balance.

Are there any signup fees?

Not with a pay-as-you-go account, you'll get £50 credit on us to get you started.

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