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How does payment work?

We only charge 5% of the products value plus £4.00 per delivery (excluding VAT). Manually or automatically recharge your account balance when it's running low.

What do I need for an account?

Once your details are submitted we will review your application within 24 hours and contact you with your login credentials when successful.

Do you deliver out of hours?

Not at the moment, but stay tuned as we understand that people have places to be throughout the day.

Do you offer volume-based pricing?

We look at volume on a case-by-case basis to better serve the needs of your business, please contact us to find out more.

How should I prepare the order for collection?

The same way as you would for in-store customers — a branded shopping bag would be great.

What happens if one of my customers miss their delivery?

We can contact the customer to prevent this, however, on the rare occasion that this occurs we would bring the order back to the store.

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