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Pricing Calculator.

Enter your average order value and your average return rate to get an average "all-in" cost per order — factoring in returns too.

Retail Partner FAQs.

Does Carryr's "FashionFlex" delivery option replace any of my current options?

We're designed to complement your current options; we excel with intra-city orders whereas others may be more suited for cross-country or international orders.

Do you offer any support?

Just drop us a message at [email protected] if you need anything from signing up to delivering an order — we're here to help.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes. We'll be very sad to see you go but you can request a cancellation at [email protected] so we can transfer your funds back to you and delete your account.

Can I add multiple stores to my account?

Yes, as long as the store is located within our service area. If in doubt, just give us a shout!

How do returns work?

On delivery completion, we will send your customers a link to the customer portal to arrange a collection — returns will go straight back to your store.

What do I need for an account?

You just need a website to sell from, with your inventory located within our service area.

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