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Pay-as-You-Deliver Plan.

Perfect for growing omnichannel brands and retailers with multiple locations
No contracts
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No extra fees
Simple integration
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Custom Plan.

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Great for established omnichannel brands and retailers with a network of stores
Advanced features
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Custom APIs
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Pricing Calculator.

Enter your average order value and your average return rate to get an average "all-in" cost per order — factoring in returns too.

Retail Partner FAQs.

What if an item goes missing or is damaged?

Our thoughtful fleet partners maintain insurances to cover an order of up to £1,000.

Can I add multiple stores to my account?

Yes, as long as the store is located within our service area. If in doubt, just give us a shout!

How do you ensure that deliveries aren't inconveniencing our customers?

By giving the consumer the control, it's completely up to them — not us. Plus, all deliveries are trackable and we're super easy to contact.

Is this just a same-day delivery option?

No, it's more than that. Customers have the full flexibility to have their order delivered in as little as 60 minutes, any selected time throughout the day or even delay the delivery for another day with a specific time scheduled — all in one simple, yet powerful, delivery option. Also, from time to time we may throw in some complimentary gifts to your customers.

How quick can consumers receive their order?

Once an order is ready to be collected, our Fleet Partners can deliver in as little as 60 minutes — sometimes faster.

What happens if one of my customers miss their delivery?

Your customers are in control, they tell us when to deliver, preventing any missed deliveries. We've got their back!

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