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Pricing Calculator.

Enter your average order value and your average return rate to get an average "all-in" cost per order — factoring in returns too.

Retail Partner FAQs.

What are your operational hours?

We're always on. From Monday to Sunday, all year round. Our hours reflect your stores opening times as we rely on your store being open to pick up orders.

Does Carryr only deliver fashion-related products?

Yes. Carryr was created exclusively for fashion — because we love fashion and understand the importance of a great end-to-end experience.

How should I prepare the order for collection?

It's completely up to you but we recommend to package the products as secure as you can to prevent any unnecessary damages.

Do I need an account manager?

Nope. We've built our Retailer Portal to be easy to use with all of the features you need to help everything run smoothly for your business.

Does Carryr use delivery or return labels?

Absolutely not, everything is done via the power of technology!

Can this be used for online-only retailers?

Yes, only if the stock is accessible within our service areas.

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