For Retailers

By becoming a Carryr Partner we will help your e-commerce be as seamless and instantaneous as your brick-and-mortar store. We've got your back!
Carryr - Analytics
To buy, or not to buy, that is the question...
In 2016, 69% of online shoppers decided to abandon their shopping carts without making a purchase. We were surprised that over 16% of those abandoned carts are due to poor delivery and return options - don't be part of those statistics. Give them a reason to purchase!
Carryr - Customer
What do customers want?
We decided to dig a little deeper to better understand what online consumers actually want. 72% of online shoppers said that they would shop with same-day delivery options, yet, only 4% of retailers actually offer this option. Supply the demand - it's business 101!
Carryr - Retailer
One-way ticket, please.
This may be a sensitive subject, however, a lot of retailers don't like to talk about returns. We've found that returns are now an integral part of the shopping experience. Over 30% of online orders are returned, why not make the process more seamless to increase loyalty?

Be The Future

Feel overwhelmed? Don't panic, let us handle your logistics and be part of the seamless retail revolution.
Carryr - Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

You don't have to be a developer to integrate with Carryr, we integrate with whatever chosen e-commerce platform.
Carryr - A-to-B in 1-2-3

A-to-B In 1-2-3

From the store to door in under an hour, let your customers be in control of their deliveries and returns.
Carryr - Unique Insights

Unique Insights

Better understand your customers, your market, your product and, most importantly, yourself.

Pay As You Grow

Set a monthly budget and scale your subscription up or down at any time - the more you pre-pay the more money you save too!

Bronze Plan

For small independent retailers
per month
(per location)
Up to 100 deliveries and returns per month priced at £4.99 each

Gold Plan

For medium-sized retailers 
per month
(per location)
Up to 225 deliveries and returns per month priced at £4.45 each

Platinum Plan

For large multi-store national chains 
per month
(per location)
More than 250 deliveries and returns per month priced at £3.99 each


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