Our Story

We’re evolving e-commerce as we know it, for both consumers and retailers. Say goodbye to slow and inconvenient deliveries and painful returns. We're making on-demand logistics the norm and instantaneous - after all, it is 2018!

With Carryr, fashion retailers can have a scalable, instantaneous and seamless logistics network that can supply online orders to consumers in as little as an hour. Carryr can even collect unwanted items with just the touch of a button, keeping cart abandonment rates at an all-time low and customer satisfaction at an all-time high.

We're on a mission to shorten the time, cost and distance between the product and the customer!

We're founded by retail and logistics enthusiast Chris Jordan, software engineer and e-commerce entrepreneur Mike Zhang, and on-demand and media veteran Jeremy Wilson. Together, we're committed to evolve the way we buy online for full convenience.

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