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Say goodbye to vague timeslots, slow delivery speeds and poor customer service. You deserve so much better!

How it works

Delivered Your Way.

Delivered By Carryr.
Deliver now or later — you decide!

Select It.

Find the Carryr delivery option during the checkout with your favourite supporting fashion retailers.

The Carryr delivery schedule feature

Schedule It.

Once you've placed an order, schedule the delivery for a time that suits you — get it now or later, it's up to you.

Get It.

Just like that, your order will be securely delivered at the time you've scheduled with zero hassle. As it should be.

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Typical Delivery Experience Vs Carryr.

Next working day or 3-5 working days
Slow delivery speeds
Unpredictable timeslots
Missed deliveries
Multiple delivery attempts
Damaged/missing orders
Upgrade for premium services
Left in an unsafe places
No interest in making you feel special
Same day, next day, any day
As fast as an hour if available
You schedule, we deliver
Only deliver on your schedule
Delivered successfully first time
Handled carefully with extra security
Premium service as standard
Delivered to you when you're ready
Get free treats from time to time
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Supporting Retailers

Where Can I Find The Carryr Option?

I Have A Question...

What happens if an item within my order gets damaged, stolen or lost in transit?

On the rare occasion that this could happen, please contact us directly at [email protected] — for your peace of mind, your order is completely insured!

I have been asked to go to a Carryr site to schedule the delivery, is this correct?

Yes. Once you have completed your purchase with a supporting retailer (with the Carryr delivery option enabled), you’ll receive an email from us, which will include a link where you’ll be able to schedule all of your deliveries powered by Carryr.

I have more questions regarding delivery, how do I get in touch?

Simple. Just drop an email to Carryr at [email protected] for any help needed with live deliveries — we’re always happy to talk! 

Supporting Locations

Where Does Carryr Operate?


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