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Pick the Carryr delivery option upon checkout of supporting retailers for an immediate 90-minute delivery or schedule for later. Say goodbye to being inconvenienced!

Our Customer Reviews.

"My package arrived incredibly quickly - by far the fastest delivery I have ever had!"


"Bicycle travelling and code for pick-up"


"Fast delivery. Polite"


"Communication resulting in regular updates. Very helpful and polite courier"

How it works

Delivered Your Way.

Step 1.

Find and select the Carryr delivery option upon checkout of our partnered retailers.
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Schedule delivery for as early as today! 🔥
Standard Delivery (2-5 working days)

Step 2.

When your order is ready, use your email to schedule a convenient time for delivery — ASAP or a specific time-slot for same-day or next-day delivery.
9AM – 10AM
11AM – 12NOON
12NOON – 1PM

Step 3.

Track your delivery in real-time when we're on the way then handover your unique security code to complete the delivery upon arrival — say goodbye to unreliable signatures.
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Step 4.

Find another supporting retailer then repeat Step 1.

I Have A Question...

What happens if an item within my order gets damaged, stolen or lost in transit?

On the rare occasion that this could happen, please contact us directly at [email protected] — for your peace of mind, your order is completely insured!

I have been asked to go to a Carryr site to schedule the delivery, is this correct?

Yes. Once you have completed your purchase with a supporting retailer (with the Carryr delivery option enabled), you’ll receive an email from us, which will include a link where you’ll be able to schedule all of your deliveries powered by Carryr.

I have more questions regarding delivery, how do I get in touch?

Simple. Just drop an email to Carryr at [email protected] for any help needed with live deliveries — we’re always happy to talk! 

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